How Do I Choose A Good Realtor in Orange County?

Since there are approximately 30,000 licensed Realtors in Orange County, CA (yes, you read that correctly), chances are you already know someone who is licensed.

The fact is, most Realtors do very little business. 

The MLS shows 31,590 closed Real Estate transactions in OC in 2017, spread out among 30,000 Realtors!  There are a core of professional Realtors who write anywhere from 20-200 transactions per year, which means that nearly everyone else is struggling to do even one transaction!  That is Crazy!!! 

So when you're looking for realtor, your first question should be “How many transactions did you complete in the last 12 months?”  I would suggest the answer be at least 10.  Why?  Because current knowledge and experience in RE laws, transaction pitfalls and opportunities, is the MOST important factor in choosing a Realtor.  It beats out your friend, the "local" realtor, everything.  You want to know above all that your RE professional is just that – professional, experienced, and knowledgeable. 

This is the largest financial transaction you handle in your lifetime (until you do it again), and so why would you entrust it to a rookie?  And just because someone has been in RE for 20 years, doesn’t mean much either.  They may be one of those folks who does maybe one sale a year, for 20 years. 

I’ve literally been sent offers on my listings on paperwork that is 10 years out of date from a Realtor who had held a license for about 15 years – simply because they did very little business and did not want to pay to keep their RE library up to date. 

So make sure you are working with someone who has the right balance of experience and personal attention for your needs and desired outcome.  Happy Home Shopping!