Should I Try to Sell My House Myself?

In most cases, Sellers are curious about this option (For Sale By Owner or FSBO) because they feel like they will make more money – or Net more money in the end. 

Of course, the Net proceeds of the sale of your home should be extremely important to you, and even if you end up working with a Realtor, it will be extremely important to them, too. 

Remember, the higher the price the home sells for, the more the Realtor’s paycheck will be, so they should be very motivated to get you a high price.

The problem with FSBO is twofold.  First, you just don’t get in front of enough people.  For instance, there are 30,000 licensed Realtors in Orange County alone (yes, you read that right), so none of those realtors are going to be looking at your home as an option for their buyers.  Even if you list the home online somehow, it will still be off-the-radar of the largest number of individuals who are actively searching for their clients. 

In fact, over 80% of all FSBO sellers end up listing their home with a Realtor in the end! 

Secondly, buyers who do come to look at your home, have the impression that a FSBO listing is going to be a bargain!  Oftentimes, they actually take the price of a realtor’s commission (and then some) off the asking price of the home when considering making an offer.  This ends up a bad scenario as most of the buyers you see aren’t really serious about paying market value.

The idea of not paying commission sounds attractive, but in fact, there are costs like marketing and advertising the home that the Realtor pays for, and in the end, statistics show that sellers who use a Realtor can end up netting approximately 11% MORE than FSBO sellers! 

So, do yourself a favor and save yourself the headache – call me instead, and I will get you top dollar for your home and handle all the most difficult parts of the transaction for you.