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Born and raised on the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia, Melinda grew up in a Real Estate investing family. Her Mother frequently purchased rental properties, or investment properties to renovate and resell – or ‘flip’ as it’s known here. As a young adult, Melinda began to join her Mom in her Real Estate ventures, bringing a keen eye to the renovation and remodeling aspects of the flipping process.

Arriving in the US in 2001, she soon discovered the thriving Construction Industry, and spent the next 10 years discovering Real Estate from this important angle. It was during the downturn however, that she decided to launch
into her own Real Estate career. The timing was difficult, as many Realtors left the Industry for greener pastures, but Melinda has always believed that “When the going gets tough…”

Learning valuable lessons for herself and her clients, she accelerated her production in 2015 and beyond, closing
60 transactions in the last 2 years.

Melinda joined Harcourts Prime Properties, knowing that her prior knowledge of both the Equity Auction process (from her years in RE in Australia), and her excellent local knowledge and high producing skill set in the traditional Real Estate market, make her the Ideal Professional to give her clients every asset available so that they can see their dreams come to fruition.